I'm using openlayers 4 and have some ol.layer.Tile Layers.
I'm loading WMS-Tiles from my Server with a Size of 256x256px.

Everything works fine so far.

Right now I have a use case, where I would like to load more Tiles than it 
needs to fill the current ViewPort. I would like to define a buffer, say 
500m around the current ViewPort. Therefore, the user can drag around this 
extended area, without the need of loading this tiles (better user 
experience if working on a small area and same zoom level).

Is there some PreRender or PreCompose hook, where I can buffer the 

Something like following:

layer.addPreComposeFunction(frameState => {
  var extent = frameState.extent;
  extent = ol.extent.buffer(extent, 500);
  famreState.extent = extent;

Or is there another way to accomplish this?

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