The 2.3 releases don't define LDAP_DEPRECATED anymore. This causes problems 
with a lot of non-OpenLDAP software and I expect that many users of 
libldap are not too happy about that especially because the man-pages for 
many of the non-deprecated function are missing or just refer to the 
deprecated calls (in fact I wonder why nobody has complained here 
yet :) ). 

I know this has been discussed here already some time ago. And for most of 
the deprecated calls I understand the reasons for deprecating them (e.g. 
no support for controls or in case of ldap_simple_bind no support for 
password containing zero-values octets). But for some calls (e.g. for 
ldap_init() and ldap_value_free() ) I wonder what the reasoning was to 
deprecate them. Could someone clarify this for me?

BTW, even some of the OpenLDAP commandline tools (ldapsearch, -modify, ...) 
still use some of the deprecated functions (though mostly only 


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