Some project ideas that have come out of discussions at this week's Ubuntu Developer Summit:
 * canned slapd.conf / config.ldif with simple tree and Samba3 support
 * canned config with Heimdal KDC support
* canned templates to create LDAP users with POSIX, Samba, and KDC attributes fully populated
   * for web2ldap
   * plugin for Linux useradd/userdel

I think the canned configs are pretty small projects - just write a config, do some variable substitution on the database suffix etc., and it should be ready to use. We can provide these in the contrib tree with appropriate READMEs. Any volunteers?

On a separate topic, I've been slowly rewriting nss-ldapd as a slapd overlay (in between technical sessions at the Summit). This will also be showing up in contrib soon. With this approach, we can eliminate all the libldap/libldap_r/version dependencies that currently plague the usual nss-ldap implementation (and nss-ldapd already does that). Plus, we can not only have direct NSS mapping into local slapd databases, but with back-ldap, pcache, and/or translucent, we can also provide excellent NSS performance from a remote LDAP server, as well as locally cached credentials for disconnected host operation.

Which reminds me, it would still be a good idea to develop a back-tdb using Samba's tdb library, as a lightweight/small footprint/easy to configure transactional backend. The last time I checked tdb would only safely support up to about 500,000 objects, but for a lot of smaller sites that would be more than enough, and the limitation would be worth the simplification of the configs/tuning aspects. Again - any volunteers looking for some fun projects?
  -- Howard Chu
  CTO, Symas Corp. 
  Director, Highland Sun
  Chief Architect, OpenLDAP

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