ITS#8699 -- This appears to be specifically fixing an issue found in the 0.9.21 release (47ca2f7095f2aa6e395b7a5cfec46bce35a5d623)

ITS#8722 -- The original fix (f34b61f9471d1c03fe0517b9d817c50c920e378a) looks like it applies to 0.9. Later commit added new XCURSOR_REFRESH (7ead4169b6cdf67f72956a2835ff6e6bd6905256) and then the original fix was reworked to use it (8c2c5e2b4bf2e4504694aa9684922d505af9ba75). I assume we would just want f34b61f9471d1c03fe0517b9d817c50c920e378a for 0.9.22?




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