On 09/20/16 12:40 +0000, Nikolas Stylianides wrote:
Hi there.
Is there a howto move from hdb to mdb?

What we need to do is to transfer our directory from hdb to the mdb.
Is there a book to learn about openldap? With the new OLC way of doing

Can i have hdb and mdb running at the same time?

Currently I have done the following:
1. Load the Module back_mdb
2. Created a OlcBackend
3. Created a OlcDatabase

See http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin24/ and slapcat(8), slapadd(8),
slapd-mdb(5), and slapd-config.

Consider converting in two steps - converting your database to mdb first,
then converting to slapd-config.

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