Thank you Oscar.
Dan also provided a good solution. I think both of them work like a charm.
The problem for me is that i wanted to do it all in a GUI (Apache Directory
Studio) which messes up with backend and database or even object indexes.

Anyway now i managed to do that using slapxxx and old good ldapmodify.
Thank you a lot.
Do you know a good policy for increamental backup? I mean i only have now
10000 users but in the future it will really get bigger and i hate to dump
the whole database
every night.

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> On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 2:40 PM, Nikolas Stylianides <
>> wrote:
>> Is there a howto move from hdb to mdb?
>> Can i have hdb and mdb running at the same time?
> I see no problem to have them on different servers.
> You can set a new server with mdb backend, import a dump (slapcat(8) +
> slapadd(8)) and start replicating from your actual servers.
> And then, after some testing, you can make the switch between servers.
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