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--On Wednesday, January 11, 2017 2:50 PM -0500 Frank Swasey <frank.swa...@uvm.edu> wrote:

   My slapd.conf files are built using mustache templates with minimal
differences...  Is there a specific config option I should be looking at
that could cause the operational attributes to be duplicated in the
output of ldapsearch but not slapcat?

Well, it'd be a bug, so I've no idea what would specifically trigger it. :) I guess you could diff the slapd.conf files and see what differences exist and start from there?


The only differences in the slapd.conf files are the URN's of systems which are specified as ServerID 1/2 and as provider in the corresponding syncrepl config statements, and the TLS certificates. I can't see those things being the source of this problem :(

 - Frank

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