Le jeudi 8 février 2018, 09:59:03 CET Joeri Casteels a écrit :
> Now i would like to assign them directly to the correct unix group depending 
> on the base you start from or Primary group you select.
> If i use this placeholder:Home directory*: /home/%primaryGroup%/%uid% i get 
> the option in the template to select my primary group but it does not fill in 
> the Home Directory correct nor it fills in the correct group.

Hum primaryGroup is not an LDAP field so I don’t think you can use it like 
that. You can use %gidNumber% but I’m not sure it will help.
You can open an issue to make the primary group name available as 
%primaryGroup% in templates but I can’t guarantee it will be added.

> Also setting the passord expiration does not work correctly with the info on 
> the website under placeholder i tried epoch time and it does not work at all 
> to fetch the day of today and add 4years on top for example. Even just 
> fetching the day of today does not work under unix Password Expiration data:

The epoch modifier was added in FusionDirectory 1.2.1 which is not out yet.

> Then there is another small matter i would like to know if there is an easy 
> change for this. My users are allowed to change some info on their own but 
> non of them find the edit button since it’s in the bottom right corner where 
> nobody looks. Is it possible to make these buttons directly under the last 
> frame? Can i edit this myself in de code?

You can create you own CSS theme in which you can change the button display. 


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