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Douglas Duckworth wrote:
Does OpenLDAP support use of one time passwords or 2FA for the Manager

There are several solutions:

1. contrib/slapd-modules/passwd/totp/
A proof of concept overlay which AFAICS replaces checking a normal password by checking a generated TOTP value. So not really 2FA.

But certainly OTP, which is part of the original question. Unfortunately Google Authenticator only uses 6 digits. With a longer input, OTP is sufficiently strong for most authentication purposes all by itself, no need for a 2nd factor. (See S/Key, OPIE)

2. OATH HOTP LDAP Plugin by
Sorry, I only found a Russian site:
I never checked this myself anyway and therefore can't comment.

Most flexible solution but hard to setup, especially since not fully documented yet. It's currently directly integrated into Æ-DIR but could be used stand-alone. Being the author I'm biased of course.

Ciao, Michael.

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