On 3/25/20 4:03 PM, Guni Hanchate wrote:
>                 But we cannot modify the entry.
> u5356968@mousedeer #  ldapmodify -p 3898 -h
>  -D"cn=directory manager, o=mobistar.be" -w8ZQ7HUJS

You should change your password now. ;-]

> dn: uid=013tes3477,ou=Dealer Users,ou=Partners,o=mobistar.be
> changetype: add
> add: mail
> mail: 013test.test_osp_fr...@orange.be
> adding new entry "uid=013tes3477,ou=Dealer
> Users,ou=Partners,o=mobistar.be <http://mobistar.be>"
> ldap_add: Undefined attribute type (17)
>                      additional info: add: attribute type undefined

It seems your LDIF input is interpreted as LDIF entry record instead as
LDIF change record. Thus "add:" is interpreted as attribute type name.

Is this really ldapmodify from the OpenLDAP command-line tools?

Ciao, Michael.

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