Hey folks,

So, now that OpenLP is a registered project on Freenode, we get to have our own fancy cloaks. Tim, Tomas and I have already set up our cloaks.

If you run "/whois superfly" you should see something like this:

[Whois] superfly is superfly!superfly@openlp/developer/superfly (Raoul Snyman)
[Whois] superfly is using a secure connection

Likewise, with Tim:

[Whois] TRB143 is TRB143!trb143@openlp/developer/trb143 (Tim Bentley)
[Whois] TRB143 is using a secure connection

And Tomas:

[Whois] tgc is tgc!t...@openlp.io (tgc)
[Whois] tgc is using a secure connection

We currently have two cloaks available:

 - openlp/developer/<username>
 - openlp/community/<username>

If you would like a cloak, please send one of us a PM in IRC or an e-mail, and we will discuss your eligibility for a cloak. Things like how active you are in IRC and what you've done for the project will go towards determining if you are eligible for a cloak. Once we've made our decision, you will be notified and (if approved) your cloak will be activated.

Some additional notes:

1. If you feel you don't fit into either of those cloaks, you are welcome to make
   a suggestion for a new cloak

2. You need to be authenticated via SASL in order to receive a cloak. This means that you need to use your nick and your password as a username and password when logging onto the network. If you're unsure of what this is or how to set it up,
   please contact me.

Raoul Snyman
082 550 3754
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