Dear colleague,

it is a pleasure for me to invite you to submit a paper to the forthcoming 12th International Modelica Conference <>, which will be held in Prague on 15-17 May 2017.

The Modelica Conference provide Modelica users the opportunity to stay informed about the latest language, library, and tool developments, and to get in touch with people working on similar modeling problems. The conference will cover topics such as the following:

 * Multi-engineering modeling and simulation with free and commercial
   Modelica libraries (mechanics, electrical, hydraulics, thermal,
   fluid, media, chemical, building, automotive, aircraft, ...)
 * Automotive applications
 * Thermodynamic and energy systems applications
 * Mechatronics and robotics applications
 * Medicine and biology applications
 * Other industrial applications, such as electric drives, power
   systems, aerospace, etc.
 * Large-scale system modelling
 * Real-time and hardware-in-the-loop simulation
 * Simulation and code generation for embedded control systems
 * Simulation acceleration by use of many CPU cores or GPU cores
 * Applications of Modelica for optimization and optimal control
 * Modelica modeling, simulation and design tools
 * Symbolic algorithms and numerical methods for model transformation
   and simulation
 * Discrete modeling techniques − FEM, CFD, DEM (Discrete Element
   Method), ...
 * New features of the Modelica language and of FMI
 * Experimental language designs and implementations related to Modelica
 * Modelica in other application areas (mathematical programming,
   databases etc.)
 * Modelica for teaching and education
 * FMI in Modelica and non-Modelica applications and tools

If your paper describes a free Modelica library, I also encourage you to submit it for evaluation by the Conference Board. The best and second best library will be awarded a prize.

The deadline for the submission of papers and libraries is *December 30, 2016*. For more details, please check the online Call for Papers page <>.

For any questions about the Conference program you can contact me directly or through <>.

Apologies for cross-postings.

Best regards

Francesco Casella
Modelica 2017 Program Chair


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