Hello all!

After some interesting information from some of you about the great
GPS-chip in the Freerunner before some weeks I considered not to buy an
external/additional GPS-handheld. Yesterday while surfing I found
incidentially the Magellan Triton - but after detailed view of the
Triton-image the "Freerunner" and all his possibilities came into my
mind immediately... ;-)

I would like to use the Freerunner for biking and training-/
fitness-purposes also. The specialized reference-product for this is
IMHO the Garmin Edge: https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=160&pID=10885
Of course there are several things which can the Freerunner do better...

Is there any bicyle-/training-application in combination with GPS under
active development?
I found a short thread about this in December 2007 only.
The project-database shows the follwong projects: "Coach", "Mokosport",
"GPS 3D Outdoor Navigation" and GPS-based "GPS Sight" and "TangoGPS".

Of course I see the steady releases of the great TangoGPS but from my
point of view this is only one part of such an application. Are there
more training-specific applications under development?

Some suggestions which features may be integrated in such a solution:

1. GPS
- show actual position on map
- load map (online connection)
- store/use offline map
- show actual track
- store tracks, export tracks
- save waypoints, export waypoints
- load/show/import tracks
- import/show waypoints
- send actual position to server, HTTP-request/SMS
- show actual speed
- show average speed
- show top speed
- show distance
- show altitude

2. fitness (with bluetooth heartrate-sensor)
- show heart rate
- save heart rate (with time/position)
- show average heart rate
- give signal when leaving special heart rate zone
- clock: show training period
- stop training period while not moving (auto pause)
- save laps, show lap-specific information
- export training-info (track, heart-rate/altitude/speed per trackpoint)
to external application

As far as I can see many of these GPS-functions are already possible
with TangoGPS. So my ingenuous question is how would you develop such an
application? Add some fitness-functions to TangoGPS (into the main
application - as external modul if possible?) or create a completely new
Is anybody working on that or interested?

Sorry for my nonprofessional questions. I would like to contribute as
much as I can to such a projekt. But actually I am "only" a
PHP-developer with Linux-skills - and only an interested reader of the

Any suggestions are welcome!
Kind regards, Jens

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