Hi fellow users ,

I have replication task to perform (n execution per line in my file, n
result file per execution ) , that looks like :

val s = CSVSampling(workDirectory/"population400000.csv") set (
  columns += ("distReculVoirie", distReculVoirie),
  columns += ("distReculFond", distReculFond),
  columns += ("distReculLat", distReculLat),
 separator := ','

val exploration = ExplorationTask(
  s x
(seed in UniformDistribution[Long](42) take 1)   //for now , only one
execution is needed

It appears that now I must not sample randomly anymore in the lines of the

Is there a way to tell CSVsampling to go through the file line-by-line and
not at random ?
(It would savec me a lot of matching on values later)


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