Hi all.

A while back, I started buying the low-cost STM32F103C8 boards from eBay.
In the beginning, they worked quite well, but after a while, I got a board, 
which I could not flash-program.
I thought that it was a fabrication error (short, unsoldered connection, etc). 
The LED-flasher demo on the board does work though.
Later, I bought some more of those boards and got one more board which didn't 
work. The same problem as earlier.
And yet later another one showed up. This started me thinking that either they 
would have ESD problems or it might not be a problem with the board itself.

Today I received 3 boards. None of them could be flash-programmed. The 
LED-blinker demo still works.

I've used OpenOCD 0.9.0 for both the successful and the failed 
I've of course also used the same firmware binaries and tested that they flash 
OK on the old type boards.

(As I do not currently have an internet connection, I need to go to the local 
harbour to get connected; this means I'm not online every day and it might take 
up to a wekk before I can send any replies. I've just gotten online to update 
to the latest version of OpenOCD, as the problem may already have been fixed 
'ages ago').

Before I start sending log-files, I'd like to ask if anyone else has seen these 
problems ?


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