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commit 014dc5cec57969a17c39c767b2557f688a7c2e04
Author: Oleksij Rempel <>
Date:   Sun Aug 6 07:58:31 2017 +0200

    board: tp-link_tl-mr3020: add ath79 support
    Finally we can use this driver by default!
    Change-Id: I09d215d1bd1dc16873a7379637e6869af65ad8f1
    Signed-off-by: Oleksij Rempel <>

diff --git a/tcl/board/tp-link_tl-mr3020.cfg b/tcl/board/tp-link_tl-mr3020.cfg
index b7d8d5b..7e040b3 100644
--- a/tcl/board/tp-link_tl-mr3020.cfg
+++ b/tcl/board/tp-link_tl-mr3020.cfg
@@ -42,3 +42,5 @@ $_TARGETNAME configure -event reset-init {
 set ram_boot_address 0xa0000000
 $_TARGETNAME configure -work-area-phys 0xa1FFE000 -work-area-size 0x1000
+flash bank flash0 ath79 0 0 0 0 $_TARGETNAME cs0


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