I’m trying to get an Atmel ATSAME70Q20A working with OpenOCD. I have an
Olimex JTAG-TINY and ARM-JTAG-SWD connected, and the system works with our
previous board running an AT91SAM7X. This is a new board design, so there
may be a hardware issue. I’ve tried both the 0.10.0 distribution release
and the tip of the git repository tree built today (from the Czech mirror,
since Sourceforge seems not to have git access running yet).

The results vary some between runs. Sometimes, it doesn’t power up the
debug domain (see https://pastebin.com/NHXavQQL for an example). Other
times, it gets the debug domain powered up, but can’t find the AHB-AP (see
https://pastebin.com/X4XeFdam ). Still others, it finds the AHB-AP, but
then gets a fault trying to write to it (see https://pastebin.com/KQtpF537
). The last case, at least, seems to have a problem: two bits are being
written as 1 to a register that the architecture defines as should be zero.

I’ve spent some time online on the IRC channel trying to get this running
with the help of some folks there, but no luck. They suggested I ask you
folks. Any ideas?

Jay Maynard, K5ZC
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