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> After issuing 'stm32f1x lock 0', the 'reset run' command is not working
> (it seems that device is not resuming its work - it is not enumerated on
> USB) and I need to reinsert my device to USB slot to be seen by the OS
> again. Everything works as expected until the lock command is issued.
> Is this normal? Could someone point me to any reference material, where
> the behavior is described? I would prefer the 'reset run' command would
> work (as usual) so the device would be reset (without hardware
> connection to reset pin) and I could connect to it without making a
> manual power-cycle.

As far as I can tell, this is how STM32F1 behaves (at least the 103
variants). Not even pulsing the hardware reset helps to get the CPU running
once it's locked so you're not helped by connecting it; you'll have to

I'm not sure if a debug access performed by OpenOCD following the lock
procedure is what causes the chip to lockup or if it's the lock procedure
itself. The same effect can be seen by connecting to an already locked
chip. Once you access something "illegal" the chip locks up and requires

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