Hello Tim,

On Tue, Mar 06, 2018 at 02:34:06PM -0800, Tim Newsome wrote:
> I made a patch which fails one of the Jenkins
> builds: 
> [1]http://build.openocd.org/job/openocd-gerrit-build/TARGET=zy1000/9213/console
> How can I reproduce this build failure locally? I don't see the configure
> command that was used by the build anywhere in the log. I tried some
> combinations of --enable-zy1000-master and --enable-zy1000 but haven't managed
> to reproduce the failure.

AFAICT, the only ./configure argument there is --enable-zy1000 , I've
checked the build script, it's nothing more.

Your patch doesn't add #include "jtag/commands.h" so I can't really
tell why it might be compiling just fine on other platforms.

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