Zach, David and I as maintainers constitute the committee
to move OpenOCD to sourceforge and make some choices
about how things will be moved on behalf of the community.

We want input from the community, but we also need a bit
of leadership to execute the steps.

In short, the following will happen:

1. The source will be held in git.

2. Zach, David and I are managers for  the OpenOCD project at

3. There is already a mailing list set up for OpenOCD at sourceforge

4. The top web pages will be very slightly reworked so that web pages
are in fact kept under git and generated by doxygen, phasing out


Thursday October 8. 2009 08:00 EST:

1. Berlios svn will be made read only and the svn head will be "deleted",
leaving behind only a README w/reference to the openocd project at
sourceforge. The entire svn history will remain available on Berlios

2. The Berlios web page will be changed into a stub pointing
to sourceforge.

3. the mailing list will be disabled and all openocd subscribers will
receive an invitation to subscribe to the openocd mailing list at
sourceforge. The sourceforge mailing list is the least sucky
alternative for hosting mailinglists at this point.

Øyvind Harboe
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