We are now testing Gerrit for use within OpenOCD.
A Gerrit server has been setup at the following url:

To keep loading down on the server clone as usual:
git clone git://openocd.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/openocd/openocd for example

The change happens we want to submit a patch for review.
Create a account on the Gerrit server above - make sure email matches git email.
Add a new remote to git using Gerrit username
git remote add review ssh://usern...@openocd.zylin.com:29418/openocd.git
git config remote.review.push HEAD:refs/for/master

It is advised to keep each patch in its own branch.
Once you are happy with the usual git add git commit we are ready to
commit to the review server
git push review

The patch will be reviewed and hopefully committed to git.
I will try and put up a page on the website.

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