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From: Rafaella Braconi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: 19/12/2006 15:50
Subject: [l10n-dev] L10n Builds: full sets vs. language packs - proposal
To: dev@l10n.openoffice.org

Dear All,

currently not all languages released by Sun are available as full
installations sets. This is due to resource constraints, storage, backup
capacity and such stuff. Although we are going to ramp up our hardware
to enable more installation sets in the future, we cannot increase the
number of languages with full installation sets in the short term.

What we would therefore like to propose here is a set of criteria which
can equally be met by ALL languages (both Sun and non-Sun languages)
which would keep the number of full installation sets more or less
stable in the short term and would allow reasonable growth. Languages
which meet the following conditions could be built with full
installation sets:

1- the GUI translation must be at least 80% completed
2- the Online translation must be at least 80% completed
3- 1 official build approval must have been submitted to the QATrack
tool during the last 3 releases

For all the languages which meet all the 3 above criteria Sun will
provide official full installation sets.
New languages which provide 1 and 2 for the first time and ask
explicitly for full installation sets will get full installation sets.
However, if after 3 releases no QA approval is recorded in the QAtrack
tool, Sun will provide language packs only, if the translation status
still remains at 80% translation. If the translation status is less than
80% Sun will stop providing the builds for that language.

For all the ones who are interested to know how we will count the 80%
rate, Jörg has kindly provided the following information:

to determine the translation percentage in the "Translation Statistics
2", we collect all translated strings for a given language, count the
words in the English source strings for these translated strings, and
then compare the total number of translated words to the total number
for en-US. For determining what a "word" is, we use a similar algorithm
as the Unix "wc" utility which defines white spaces as a separators
between words.

The current "Translation Statistics 2" cannot be used directly to
generate the numbers for OOo, as we e.g. have projects as instset_native
and instset_ooo inside the database, but do not differentiate between an
internal statistics and one for OOo. Frank is going to enable an easy
way for generating the data for the OOo-Wiki statistics page within the
next weeks.

Please me know if you support the above proposal by the end of this week.

Kind Regards,

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