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Subject: [OOoCon] OOoCon2007 China Proposal
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OOoCon 2007 proposal of Beijing, China

Key Question:
Why is your location and the date you propose the best for OOoCon 2007?
Location (country, city, conference center/university)
Proposed Date(s)
Main contact person
Team Members (all members should be willing and able to commit at
least 3 hours per day to planning the conference during the last two
weeks before OOoCon 2007)
Local events that are taking place in parallel (or right before/after)
Keynotes list
Special visa or entry requirements, e.g. vaccinations
Development and use of local OOo technologies
Potential sponsors
Travel costs (e.g. flight costs from the following cities: London,
Paris, Rome, Beijing, Sydney, New York, Hamburg, Dublin, San
Francisco, Cape Town, Tokyo)
Communications in Beijing
Climate of Beijing

Why 2007 OOo Conference shall be held in Beijing?
China market has great influence on the promotion of OOo
China boasts the broadest potential user market in the world. At
present, the number of computer users has hit 137 million and users of
broad band Internet access have amounted to over 100 million. OOo
community, as a global open community and organization, has enjoyed a
very high popularity and reputation while it has not been familiarized
by China industry insiders; therefore, choosing Beijing to host OOo
annual conference 2007 shall be the best and the most direct means to
enhance OOo's popularity in China and allow OOo to play a more
critical role throughout the world.
OOo annual conference to be held in China will substantially increase
loyal OOo users
In China, there are 10 million sets of OpenOffice.org software
pre-installed in the computer along with Linux or other channels every
year while only less than 5% of end users will use OO , for which main
reason is that China users have not much idea about OOo. Hence, OOo
annual conference to be held in Beijing will showcase the power of the
community and strengthen users' understanding of open source software;
according to our estimation, OOo annual conference in Beijing will
turn over 25% of China users with pre-installed OO's into loyal users.

Beijing Municipality supports open source software campaign
Since 2001, Beijing Municipality has actively propelled the
application of open source software and in 2001 and 2002 a great deal
of OO and Linux products were adopted for governmental procurement of
Beijing; in the subsequently launched project of "Sailing", open
source software was required to be comprehensively applied in office
systems of the municipal government and all participating enterprises
producing open source software are asked to contribute corresponding
achievement to the community. As the first local government adopting
OO in China, Beijing has been always promoting OOo products and now
there are over 200 local governments using OOo products in China.
OOo annual conference in Beijing may facilitate the combination of
China standard UOF with ODF
Since early 2002, Beijing Municipality, together with other relevant
enterprises, has been practicing the promotion and formulation of open
document format standard. Currently, the promotion of incorporation of
document format standard UOF, formulated by China, and ODF, is a
course the Beijing Municipality and relevant enterprises (such as SUN,
Redflag CH2000 Co.,Ltd and IBM, etc) are propelling. The year of 2007
is a year that decides whether a critical step can be taken in
incorporation of two standards. In this case, OOo annual conference in
Beijing will allow Chinese senior leaders to really accept that open
document format is an unavoidable trend of global information
With rapid development of China IT industry, China is becoming the
software research and development center of the world. Since there are
many quality software R&D professionals, OOo annual conference to be
held in Beijing will allow more technicians to understand OOo and make
more contribution to the community.
Beijing welcomes all worldwide OOo elites
Beijing is a city with ancient culture and modern civilization. Living
costs for accommodation, transportation and catering are much lower
than those of the European countries and there are many convenient
direct flights to Beijing from all over the world. In 2006, Forum on
China-Africa Cooperation had been held successfully in Beijing and
subsequently the 29th Olympic Games will be also hosted in 2008.
Therefore, Beijing has enough power to host OOo conference and she
will try her best to ensure successful delivery of the conference.

Preparatory committee of the conference will provide you with
convenient service:

Each participant is only requested to pay 200 Euro including all
accommodation expenses during 3-day conference and they can also enjoy
free travel two days after the conference. For more information on
arrangement of conference, visit the website of preparatory

Site for the Annual Conference Beijing, China
Beijing Conference Center (http://www.bj-bcc.com/Fore/index.htm )
The building of Beijing Conference Center was funded by Beijing
Municipality and the Conference Center is in charge of holding all
kinds of important conferences of the State and Beijing Municipality.

Suggested time for the Conference
Conference time: Sept. 19, 20 and 21, 2007
Tour time: Sept. 22 and 23, 2007

Key contacts of the Preparation Group of the Conference
Zhang Peng 8610-58022080 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Wang Ying 8610-58022828 ext. 637 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Peter Junge 8610-58022828 ext.295 [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Members of the Preparation Group
Beijing RedFlag Chinese 2000 Software Technology Co., Ltd.
Changfeng Open Standards Platform Software Alliance
Software College of Peking University
(http://www.ss.pku.edu.cn/en/ )

Relevant simultaneous activities with the Conference
1. Conference of OpenOffice.org Global Users
(the typical users of OOo in the world are invited to probe into the
problems and development direction of OOo together)
2. Seminar on Promoting Development of OpenOffice.org in Asia
(the key personnel of OOo and the technicians of OOo in Asia are
invited to emphatically probe into the development and promotion of
OOo in Asia)

Keynotes list
Road for Combined Development of UOF and ODF
Development and Trend of OpenOffice.org Technologies in China
Latest Applications of Open Source Technologies in Enterprises

Requirements for Applications to enter China
The travel visa shall be applied at the Chinese embassy in your
country (different countries have different conditions and
requirements for the tour to China, please consult your local Chinese
No Vaccination.
http://www.chinese-embassy.org.uk/eng/ (UK)
http://www.fmprc.gov.cn/ce/cede/det/ (Germany)
http://www.amb-chine.fr/ (France)
http://www.fmprc.gov.cn/ce/ceat/det/ (Austria)
http://www.fmprc.gov.cn/ce/ceit/ita/ (Italy)
http://www.china-embassy.org/eng/ (USA)

Development and use of local OOo technologies

Keeping in step with the development of OOo
There is a technical team in China (Beijing RedFlag Chinese2000
Software Technology Co.,Ltd. ) who has been engaging in the study of
OOo since 2001 and the team introduced a mature OOo product�DRedOffice
in the same year, won the bidding for the purchase of Beijing
Municipality after its introduction and owned its first users in
China. In the following years, a lot of products based on OOo like
RedOffice were consecutively introduced in China.
More and more industry insiders in China have began to pay attention
to OOo and they actively participated in the activities of OOo and
vigorously promoted the development of OOo in China.
For example, in August 2006, the relevant competent departments of
Beijing Municipality invited Patrick J. Gannon, CEO of OASIS, to
Beijing and to deeply probe into the standards of ODF document with
the government departments, standard administration institutions and
software enterprises.
For another example, in September 2006, Beijing RedFlag Chinese2000
Software Technology Co.,Ltd., the first team of China engaging in the
research and development of OO , participated in the 4th
OpenOffice.org International Annual Conference Forum in Lyon, France
and held a special lecture to introduce the conditions of OOo in
Excellent language localization
China has 56 nationalities with Han having the largest population, the
major language of China is Chinese and Chinese characters are used in
China, in 2001, China has completed the localization of OOo language
based on Chinese and had many mature OOo products. But as many
nationalities in China still use their own languages and characters,
Chinese government specially set up a state project to be specially
responsible for the research and development of the office software in
different national languages and finally decided that Beijing RedFlag
Chinese2000 Software Technology Co.,Ltd., who has been engaging in the
research and development of OO all the time, shall undertake the
project, so OpenOffice.org has become the only office software used in
the localization of multiple national languages, and the different
editions of OOo products in multiple national languages �D RedOffice in
Mongol language, RedOffice in Tibetan language and RedOffice in Uygur
language, such products are brilliant contributions to the language
localization of OO and have been applied in areas with multiple
OOo technical power being continuously strengthened
There are many products in China based on the research and development
of OO, such as RedOffice, Co-Create Office and China Standard-Puhua
Office etc., the technical teams who researched and development these
products have grasped the core technologies for the Chinese operation
of OO, they not only have high quality OOo consultants, trainers,
research and development personnel, but only actively carry out the
market promotion of OOo. China also has many organizations and
institutions who support open source, such as Changfeng Open Standards
Platform Software Alliance, China Software & Integrated Circuit
Promotion Center and China Open Source Software Promotion Union, they
have been actively providing fund and technology support to OO all the
time and have made great contributions to the development of OOo.
OO has a lot users in China
OO is one of the open source softwares achieved the greatest success
in China in commercialization and promotion, it is broadly used in all
regions and industries and has a lot users.
Let's take RedOffice, the most popular OpenOffice.org product in
Chinese market, for an example, RedOffice is the first product in
China researched and development basing on OO, it was introduced in
2001 with the People's Government of Beijing Municipality as the first
user, till now it has been applied in nearly two hundred local
governments of different provinces and cities, such as Beijing and
Guangdong, and more than a thousand enterprises and public
institutions due to its excellent functions and ease of use, its users
cover a lot industries such as government, education, water resources,
electric power, tobacco, medicine, iron & steel and coal mining.
Till present, the amount of the relevant OOo products pre-installed in
China has exceeded 10 million seats, the actual used amount of OOo
products has exceeded 1 million seats, and the numbers are increasing
all the time.

Potential sponsors
Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission
Co-Create Software Branch of Chinese Software Industry Association
ChinaSoftware & Integrated Circuit Promotion Center
China Open Source Software Promotion Union

Travel expenses (in Euro) from European countries to Beijing
Vancouver-Beijing, Single:283 Return:472
Los Angeles-Beijing, Single:274 Return:409
New York-Beijing, Single:314 Return:526
Chicago-Beijing, Single:498 Return:530
Sidney-Beijing, Single:413 Return:535
Frankfurt-Beijing, Single:336 Return:476
London-Beijing, Single:314 Return:584
Paris-Beijing, Single:287 Return:494
Vienna-Beijing Single:342 Return:504
Barcelona-Beijing single:351 Return:549
Note: the quotations above could be a reference only

Fare of Beijing taxies
Flag-fall price 10 Chinese Yuan (about 1 Euro) incl. 5 Kilometers +
2.00 Chinese Yuan (about 0.2 Euro) per further Kilometers

Climate of Beijing
The daytime temperature of Beijing in September and October is 25~30℃
and the temperature at night is 15~20℃.

Other relevant information about Beijing may be found at the official
website of Beijing Municipality http://www.ebeijing.gov.cn/
For more information on arrangement of conference, visit the website
of preparatory organization: http://www.OOoCon2007.cn


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