Dear Community,

I would like to officially propose Barcelona as the place to hold the Conference 2007.

Barcelona is one of the most dynamic and stylish cities in the world.
It is always on the biting cutting edge of architecture, food,
fashion, style, music and night life. The people, with their
exuberance, their creative spirit, and their persistent
egalitarianism, are an example of coexistence and integration of
cultures. Barcelona today is a city prepared to receive thousands of
visitors everyday. It is very well connected, and there is
accommodation available to host the whole Community and
many more. For instance, in addiction, flying to Barcelona from most
European countries is very cheap when you book in advance with the
appropriate low-cost companies.

The Catalan Native Lang Project is one of the historic projects inside
the Community. Although small and humble, it's been
here since the very beginning of the project, much
before the existence of the Native Lang Community. We worked together
with Sun in 2000 to translate 1.0 into the Catalan
language and since then we have continued our work on a volunteer
basis for seven years. It is true that we are small team, but we have
distributed more than 2 million copies of in Catalan
for a population of approximately 10 million speakers around the

Altogether, the Catalan, Spanish, Basque and Galician communities will
work hard to make Barcelona the best place to hold an
Conference. We hope to hear as many languages as possible here,
especially the voices of all those small teams of translators that are
the true treasure of the Community.

Yours sincerely,

Jesús Corrius

Catalan Native Lang Project Leader

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Key Question. Why is your location and the date you propose the best
for OOoCon 2007?

   *  Airports (Barcelona, Reus, Girona) with easy access to
international flights and with regular low cost flights.
   * Nice Mediterranean weather and excellent food
   * Strong localization community (based fully on voluntary work)
   * Interest from the local government in free software
   * More than 100 local companies working on free software services
and products
   * Lots of cultural activities: museums, modernist buildings.
   * Terrific night life

Location (country, city, conference center/university)

   Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain).
   At the University of Barcelona in the city center.

Proposed Date(s)

  3rd week of September 2007

 19/20/21 of September 2007 could be a good date. The attendants
could spend the     following weekend visiting the city.

Team Lead (main contact person)

 Jesús Corrius (Catalan Native Lang Project Leader / L10N), jesus at

Team Members (all members should be willing and able to commit at
least 3 hours per day to planning the conference during the last two
weeks before OOoCon 2007)

   * Jesús Corrius, jesus at
   * Ignasi Labastida, University of Barcelona
   * Jordi Mas, jmas at
   * Ismael Fanlo
   * Josep Gallart, josepgallart
   * Tania De la Paz
   * Toni Hermoso, tonirher at
   * David Poblador, david at
   * Alberto Barrionuevo, abarrio at (for ODF
promotion stuff -active in FFII, ODF Alliance and OpenDocument
   * Quim Perez i Noguer, noguer at
   * Quim Perelló i Miro, quim at

   Softcatalà (about 10 people, more if needed), Core team of the CA
project (about 5 people), staff of the University of Barcelona.

Local events taking place in parallel (or right before/after)

   *  11th of September is the National Day of Catalonia
   * 19th - 22nd September: Drupalcon Barcelona 2007

Special visa or entry requirements, e.g. vaccinations

   We recommend that you ensure you remain legal while resident in
Spain and do not try to enter the country without the required
paperwork. There is a large population of illegal immigrants and this
is a politically sensitive issue so there are efforts being made to
prevent entry and to find and deport people living illegally in the

   Citizens of the European Union are not required to get a visa for
Spain since they already have the right to residency.

   Non-EU citizens visiting Spain need a visa (visado) in order to
enter and visit Spain, unless there exists a special agreement between
Spain and your home country; these countries are those of North &
South America in addition to:

   Andorra, Australia, Brunei, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech
Republic, Estonia, Gibraltar, Grenada, Hungary, Iceland, Israel,
Japan, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, New
Zealand, Norway, Poland, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia and

  If you are one of these nationalities, you can enter Spain without
a visa and stay for up to 90 days in any 6-month period.

  Visas are managed by the Spanish Ministerio de Asuntos Extranjeros
(Ministry of Foreign Affairs) through its consulates and embassies
around the world.

  You apply for and obtain a visa through the Spanish consulate
nearest to your residence before you travel. Honorary consuls
generally cannot issue visas but may provide application forms.

  Since visas are never issued in Spain, you must apply for them
before you leave your country of residency. Do not attempt to enter
Spain without a visa if you need one. There is no emergency procedure,
you can't bribe the police, your embassy in Spain can't help and you
will probably be refused entry.

  Generally, you should apply for your visa about 8-12 weeks before
the date of your arrival in Spain. You must first have a valid
passport with at least three months until expiry in order to apply, so
be sure to allow adequate time to obtain or renew both the passport
and get the visa application processed. Don?t leave this to the last
minute or you put your travel plans at risk.

  No vaccinations.

Large local deployments (for user keynotes and success stories)

   *  LinkAt. Catalan government GNU/Linux distribution for education.
   * GnuLinEx is an initiative of the regional government of
Extremadura, Spain. It is already used in all schools in Extremadura,
as well as intended for official institutions based on 2006 motion of
ODF adoption. It is actively promoted for business, society and home
use as well.
   * Guadalinex is an initiative of the regional government of
Andalusia, biggest in Spain. It is already used in a big share of
schools in Andalusia, as well as intended for official institutions.
It is promoted for society at public info-centers (Guadalinfo) at all
villages in Andalusia.
   * Lliurex. Valencian government GNU/Linux distribution for education
   * Molinux. Castillan-La Mancha, Spain, government GNU/Linux
distribution for education and public health. Already running in all
public first level health centers.

Names of local developers (for developer sessions)

   * OPS Consulting
   * Jesús Corrius, Softcatalà (Catalan L10N)
   * Iñaki Larrañaga (Basque L10N)
   * Ruben Da Silva (Galician L10N)

Names of local vendors/partners (potential sponsors)

   *  T-Systems
   * Novell Barcelona
   * Generalitat de Catalunya
   * Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
   * Rinho Sistemas
   * Está (open standards promotion project).
   * Ajuntament de Barcelona
   * Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade

Travel costs (e.g. flight costs from the following cities: London,
Paris, Rome, Beijing, Sydney, New York, Hamburg, Dublin, San
Francisco, South Africa, Tokyo)

   London       280 euros
   Paris        200 euros
   Beijing      770 euros
   Sydney       900 euros
   New York     510 euros
   Hamburg      230 euros
   Dublin       230 euros
   San Francisco        880 Euros
   South Africa         700 euros
   Tokyo        920 euros

Accommodation costs (youth hostel, hotel)

   4 stars hotels

   Numància, 32
   08029 Barcelona
   Phone: +34 936003100

   Pau Claris, 122
   08009 Barcelona
   Phone: +34 932723810

   3 stars hotels

   Pelai, 20
   08001 Barcelona

   La Rambla, 138
   08002 Barcelona
   Phone:+34 933012570

   2 stars hotels

   Santa Anna, 24
   08002 Barcelona
   Phone: +34 933019150

   Hotel CONDAL
   Boqueria, 23
   08002 Barcelona
   Telèfon: +34 933181882

Average meal costs

   10 euros at lunch time, 15 euros at dinner time (these are the
average prices of the city center)

Other useful links

   * Catalan translation team
   * Official website of the city of Barcelona
   * University of Barcelona

More up to date information and original proposal here:

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions

Thanks and regards,

Jesús Corrius
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