Hi friends,

I'm writing to share some fantastic news.

Today, Opensource.com announced the winners of its 2018 Community Awards
[1]—and several members of the open organization community are among them!

* Ambassadors Lauri Apple and Jen Kelchner each received a People's
Choice Award. This award recognizes the community's favorite
contributors from 2017, as voted by Opensource.com readers.

* Ambassadors Angela Robertson and Jonas Rosland each received an
Emerging Contributor Award. This award recognizes outstanding new
contributors to Opensource.com, as voted by the Opensource.com editoral

* Contributor Mark Krake received an Awesome Article Award for his piece
"4 open principles for building a better startup" [2]. This award
recognizes authors who have written widely popular articles in 2017, as
voted by Opensource.com readers.

Congratulations, everyone, on your achievements! And thanks for all you
do to make our community so wonderful.



[1] https://opensource.com/article/18/2/community-awards-2018

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