Hi folks,

The Open Organization Ambassadors gathered for a monthly call today, and
notes from the meeting are now available (along with a recording!).
Despite some persistent technical issues, we had a nice conversation.

In particular:

* We welcomed newest ambassador, Jonas Rosland, to the group

* We celebrated the one-year ambassador-ivesaries of Jen Kelchner and
Lauri Apple (recent community award winners!)

* We heard great updates from everyone, and reviewed the status of the
publication calendar for February and March [2]

* We re-visited the concept of "trust" and its role in our community
materials. Ron McFarland and Lauri Apple shared great insights. The
group agreed to review the "trust brief" from Jen Kelchner and MaryJo
Burchard in anticipation of further discussion and a decision on
direction at the next meeting (when Jen Kelchner is able to join)

So great to see everyone—as always!




[2] https://github.com/orgs/open-organization-ambassadors/projects/1

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