Hi all!

We have now tagged and released OpenSAF 5.1.RC2 (release candidate 2). 
To reduce the risk of introducing new faults close to the release, all 
branches except the default branch are now under change control. This 
means that only approved bug fixes and documentation-only changes may be 
pushed between 5.1.RC2 and the final 5.1.0 release. The default branch 
will of course be open all the time for development of new features that 
will go into the next release, as usual.

Currently, the following tickets are approved to be pushed: 2049, 2046, 
2029 and 1993. The list of approved tickets is subject to change.

Please check if some documentation needs to be updated for any of the 
enhancements you have implemented in the OpenSAF 5.1 release. The full 
list of 5.1 enhancement tickets can be listed using the following link:



Anders Widell

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