Summary: Fix failure of new active SC allocation due to using 
saAmfClusterStartupTimeout for SU presence state synchronization [#2036]
Review request for Trac Ticket(s): 2036
Peer Reviewer(s): AMF devs
Affected branch(es): default
Development branch: default

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 OpenSAF services        n
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 Samples                 n
 Tests                   n
 Other                   n

Comments (indicate scope for each "y" above):

changeset 59cae625a00c25ef1a4d31abe7311b13501d05fc
Author: minh-chau <>
Date:   Fri, 23 Sep 2016 09:48:23 +1000

        AMF: Allow sending susi assignment response for ncs su while waiting for
        set_led [#2036]

        Roaming SC feature is enabled, in scenario of re-allocation of new SC, 
        new active amfd process headless synced info, amfd starts sending 2N 
        assignment to amfnd. amfnd (in newly active SC) could not send su_si
        response message of 2N Active assignment because amfnd has not received
        set_led which is a signal to start sending su_si assignment. This 
        does not happen if only headless is enabled, because the 
        is initially set as FALSE. Within roaming SC feature, 
        remains TRUE until receiving set_led from amfnd. But set_led is sent to
        amfnd only if amfd receives su_si response. The eventual result is the
        cb->init_state always as AVD_CFG_DONE, since amfd will not be able to
        receive su_si active assignment response of 2N Opensaf SU.

        Patch allows susi assignment response to be sent to amfd so that the
        cb->init_state can be moved to AVD_INIT_DONE.

changeset b92c5857e2c851852c071d6d2234ca85febb2179
Author: minh-chau <>
Date:   Fri, 23 Sep 2016 09:48:23 +1000

        AMFD: Fix double start timer of AVD_TMR_CL_INIT [#2036]

        Since the AVD_TMR_CL_INIT can be started/restarted to wait for all SU
        presence state synchronization, so m_AVD_CLINIT_TMR_START could not 
        be called as the first start. As a result, due to @is_active is set to 
        before start timer, therefore the timer can be restarted without stop in
        advance. It appears a warning as below

        Sep 22 22:08:22.640710 osafamfd [] TEST >> 
avd_start_tmr: 1
        Sep 22 22:08:22.640717 osafamfd [477:sysf_tmr.c:0690] TR IN 
        Sep 22 22:08:22.640758 osafamfd [] << avd_start_tmr

        Patch removes setting @is_active to false in m_AVD_CLINIT_TMR_START

Complete diffstat:
 osaf/services/saf/amf/amfd/include/timer.h |  1 -
 osaf/services/saf/amf/amfnd/          |  2 +-
 2 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

Testing Commands:
 - Configure roaming SC with 5 SCs
 - Bring down both active/standby SC
 - Quiesced SC is supposed to become new active SC

Testing, Expected Results:
 - Quiesced SC is promoted as new active SC successfully
 - No error like: "ER wrong state 2"

Conditions of Submission:
 ack from reviewer

Arch      Built     Started    Linux distro
mips        n          n
mips64      n          n
x86         n          n
x86_64      y          y
powerpc     n          n
powerpc64   n          n

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