Ack with comment: I think the file should be called README.etcd instead of etcd.readme. Shouldn't it be added to the Makefile as well?


Anders Widell

On 03/07/2018 04:42 AM, Gary Lee wrote:
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diff --git a/src/osaf/consensus/plugins/etcd.readme 
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+Example etcd configuration
+This document describes how to install and configure etcd on each
+node of an OpenSAF cluster. Note: it is also possible to run etcd outside
+the OpenSAF cluster, or on a subset of the cluster.
+etcd is generally available as a binary package in Linux distributions.
+For example, on Ubuntu:
+sudo apt-get install etcd
+Locate etcd.conf for your distribution. For example, it is located at
+/etc/default/etcd.conf on Ubuntu 17.10.
+The configuration below should help you get an initial etcd cluster running
+on a five node cluster.
+Replace x.x.x.x with appropriate IP addresses.
+A sample etcd v2 plugin is provided. It assumes etcd is running locally.
+If you have configured etcd to run elsewhere,
+please add the '--endpoints' option to etcdctl in the plugin.

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