- **status**: assigned --> accepted
- **Part**: lib --> nd
- **Milestone**: 4.7.2 --> 5.1.RC2
- **Comment**:

Applicable to other red models also. After setting activeCompName in standby 
descriptor, AMFND is wronlgly calling osaf_extended_name_clear() for active 
descriptor. Since SaAmfCSIStateDescriptorT is a union, it clears the filled 
But besides the reported problem there are others also:
-AMFND is copying activecompNmae using osaf_extended_name_alloc() 
activecompName in agent message, only when it is an extended name. This should 
be done irrespective of short or long dn.
-Agent should perform validation check on dn based on HA state of the CSI SET 
callback, as activecompname is not populated for all the HA states.
-When I try to fix above problem, I see one more problem: a standby component 
gets its own name in the standby callback. There is a minor regression at AMFD.

I will send out a pach that will fix all these problems.



** [tickets:#2021] AMF :  active compname is improperly populated in Standby 
callback (NPM)**

**Status:** accepted
**Milestone:** 5.1.RC2
**Created:** Sat Sep 10, 2016 06:52 AM UTC by Srikanth R
**Last Updated:** Wed Sep 14, 2016 08:51 AM UTC
**Owner:** Praveen

 For an application with NPM model, active compName in the standby descriptor 
is having corrupted value in the standby callback.

Breakpoint 1, pycbk_SaAmfCSISetCallbackT (invocation=4287627278, 
compName=0x941a28, haState=SA_AMF_HA_STANDBY, csiDescriptor=...) at 
2914    saAmf_wrap.c: No such file or directory.
(gdb) p csiDescriptor 
$1 = {csiFlags = 1, csiName = {length = 48, value = 
"safCsi=CSI1,safSi=TestApp_SI4,safApp=TestApp_Npm", '\000' <repeats 207 
times>}, csiStateDescriptor = {activeDescriptor = {transitionDescriptor = 
      activeCompName = {length = 0, value = 
 '\000' <repeats 191 times>}}, standbyDescriptor = {activeCompName = {
        length = 68, value = 
 '\000' <repeats 187 times>}, standbyRank = 0}}, csiAttr = {attr = 0x7642a0, 
    number = 1}}

 In the above callback ( in gdb ), the  active component name in standby 
descriptor in standby callback  should be 
safComp=COMP1,safSu=TestApp_SU3,safSg=TestApp_SG1,safApp=TestApp_Npm, but it  
is populated with improper value :


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