- **summary**: EVT : Application segfaulted during  --> EVT : Application 
segfaulted in MDS callback processing


** [tickets:#2042] EVT : Application segfaulted in MDS callback processing**

**Status:** unassigned
**Milestone:** 4.7.2
**Created:** Fri Sep 16, 2016 12:22 PM UTC by Srikanth R
**Last Updated:** Fri Sep 16, 2016 12:22 PM UTC
**Owner:** nobody

- [eda_bt](https://sourceforge.net/p/opensaf/tickets/2042/attachment/eda_bt) 
(59.5 kB; application/octet-stream)

Setup : 7997 5.1.FC 

Issue :
 Application segfaulted on payload in MDS  callback processing  by EVT thread.
 Below is the backtrace.
 0  0x00007ff2f5282d64 in ncs_decode_32bit (stream=0x7ff2f6b95c98) at 
1  0x00007ff2f5f181e4 in eda_mds_dec (info=0x7ff2f6b95dd0) at eda_mds.c:1285
2  0x00007ff2f5f185fa in eda_mds_callback (info=0x7ff2f6b95dd0) at 
3  0x00007ff2f52b887b in mds_mcm_do_decode_full_or_flat (svccb=0x639c40, 
cbinfo=0x7ff2f6b95dd0, recv_msg=0x7aace8, orig_msg=0x0) at mds_c_sndrcv.c:4915
4  0x00007ff2f52b7841 in mds_mcm_process_recv_snd_msg_common (svccb=0x639c40, 
recv=0x7aace8) at mds_c_sndrcv.c:4255
5  0x00007ff2f52b7f24 in mcm_recv_normal_snd (svccb=0x639c40, recv=0x7aace8) at 
6  0x00007ff2f52b7305 in mds_mcm_ll_data_rcv (recv=0x7aace8) at 
7  0x00007ff2f52a54ac in mdtm_process_recv_message_common (flag=0 '\000', 
buffer=0x61424a "\252", len=167, transport_adest=72075191086465088, 
seq_num_check=30108, buff_dump=0x7ff2f6b961bc) at mds_dt_common.c:505
8  0x00007ff2f52a626f in mdtm_process_recv_data (buffer=0x614242 "", len=175, 
transport_adest=72075191086465088, buff_dump=0x7ff2f6b961bc) at 
9  0x00007ff2f52c952f in mdtm_process_recv_events () at mds_dt_tipc.c:793
10 0x00007ff2f586c7b6 in start_thread () from /lib64/libpthread.so.0
11 0x00007ff2f55c89cd in clone () from /lib64/libc.so.6

The entire backtrace is attached as an attachment. This issue is observed in 
earlier releases also.


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