** [tickets:#2045] logd faulted due to 'csiSetcallbackFailed' on STANDBY during 
role_change in Headless scenario**

**Status:** unassigned
**Milestone:** 4.7.2
**Created:** Mon Sep 19, 2016 06:42 AM UTC by Ritu Raj
**Last Updated:** Mon Sep 19, 2016 06:42 AM UTC
**Owner:** nobody

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# Environment details

OS : Suse 64bit
Changeset : 7997 ( 5.1.FC)
Setup : 6 nodes ( 3 controllers and 3 payloads with headless feature enabled & 
1PBE with 10K objects)

# Summary
NCS_MBCSV_OP_CHG_ROLE FAILED on STANBY controller and logd faulted due to 

# Steps followed & Observed behaviour
1. Invoked headless by killing Active followed by Standby and Spare Controller,
maintaining gap of 11 sec between controller reboot
2. After 81 successful failover, during role change from STNADBY to ACTIVE, on  
STANDBY(SC-2) logd faulted due to 'csiSetcallbackFailed' 

Sep 16 22:26:39 SCALE_SLOT-72 osaflogd[1770]: ER ncs_mbcsv_svc 
Sep 16 22:26:39 SCALE_SLOT-72 osafamfnd[1810]: NO 
'safComp=LOG,safSu=SC-2,safSg=2N,safApp=OpenSAF' faulted due to 
'csiSetcallbackFailed' : Recovery is 'nodeFailfast'
Sep 16 22:26:39 SCALE_SLOT-72 osafamfnd[1810]: ER 
safComp=LOG,safSu=SC-2,safSg=2N,safApp=OpenSAF Faulted due 
to:csiSetcallbackFailed Recovery is:nodeFailfast
Sep 16 22:26:39 SCALE_SLOT-72 osafamfnd[1810]: Rebooting OpenSAF NodeId = 
131599 EE Name = , Reason: Component faulted: recovery is node failfast, 
OwnNodeId = 131599, SupervisionTime = 60
Sep 16 22:26:39 SCALE_SLOT-72 opensaf_reboot: Rebooting local node; timeout=60

1. There is time gap between systems [node's are not sync]
With respect to SC-1 and SC-2, SC-3  is >> +6:24:07
2. Syslog of controller's and  amfd and clmd trace's of SC-2 is attached
3. logd traces are not enabled


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