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changeset:   8101:9ffc9d219684
tag:         tip
parent:      8099:26140709359f
user:        minh-chau 
date:        Tue Sep 20 14:54:39 2016 +1000
summary:     NTF: Replace sizeof by strlen in ntftest [#2038]

changeset:   8100:9f1767961132
branch:      opensaf-5.1.x
parent:      8098:5a4d66f467f3
user:        minh-chau
date:        Tue Sep 20 14:52:07 2016 +1000
summary:     NTF: Replace sizeof by strlen in ntftest [#2038]


** [tickets:#2038] NTF: Using sizeof(string) for lengthAdditionalText results 

**Status:** fixed
**Milestone:** 5.1.RC2
**Created:** Thu Sep 15, 2016 08:47 AM UTC by Minh Hon Chau
**Last Updated:** Thu Sep 15, 2016 11:15 PM UTC
**Owner:** nobody

After patch of #2006, now if ntf client uses sizeof(string) + 1 to specify the 
string length for lengthAdditionalText, that will result in 
SA_AIS_ERR_INVALID_PARAM when sending notification.

Some existing ntftests have failed because those tests are still using sizeof, 
which could be fixed in ntftests. However, that could be a *complaint* from 
real applications which have been running without problem (application's code 
are using sizeof())


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