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changeset:   8113:6bb937c0cd8e
branch:      opensaf-5.1.x
parent:      8111:15646cff9e26
user:        praveen.malv...@oracle.com
date:        Tue Sep 20 16:38:37 2016 +0530
summary:     amfd: do not send duplicate removal of assignment, N-Way model 

changeset:   8114:dc9bd3080ee5
tag:         tip
parent:      8112:780130c6de15
user:        praveen.malv...@oracle.com
date:        Tue Sep 20 16:38:56 2016 +0530
summary:     amfd: do not send duplicate removal of assignment, N-Way model 


** [tickets:#2022] AMF : amfd asserted for NG lock operation ( quiesced timeout 
- Nway model))**

**Status:** fixed
**Milestone:** 5.1.RC2
**Created:** Sat Sep 10, 2016 09:58 AM UTC by Srikanth R
**Last Updated:** Mon Sep 19, 2016 06:55 AM UTC
**Owner:** Praveen

 (15.8 kB; text/x-shellscript)
(11.2 kB; application/octet-stream)
(452.8 kB; application/octet-stream)

Environment details
OS : Suse 64bit 
Changeset : 7997  ( 5.1.FC)
Setup : 5 nodes ( 2 controllers and 3 payloads with headless feature enabled & 
no PBE )
AMF Application : NPM model with SUs mapped on SC-2,PL-3,PL-4

Summary :
AMFD on both controllers asserted, if Nway application failed in CSI SET 
QUIESCED callback in lock operation of node group 

Steps followed & Observed behaviour

-> Hosted nway application on PL-3,PL-4 and SC-2 and brought up the 
application. Configuration is attached to the ticket.
-> Created a node group with all the three nodes.
-> Ensured that one of component will not respond to quiesced callback
-> Now performed the lock operation on the node group
-> amfd on both controllers asserted with the following back trace.

0  0x00007f66fbc6fb55 in raise () from /lib64/libc.so.6
1  0x00007f66fbc71131 in abort () from /lib64/libc.so.6
2  0x00007f66fda6816a in __osafassert_fail (__file=0x51214d "su.cc", 
__line=2022, __func=0x513aa0 "dec_curr_stdby_si", __assertion=0x51355f 
"saAmfSUNumCurrStandbySIs > 0") at sysf_def.c:281

3  0x00000000004d68cd in AVD_SU::dec_curr_stdby_si (this=0x7ccf40) at su.cc:2022
4  0x00000000004be804 in avd_susi_update_assignment_counters (susi=0x78c670, 
action=AVSV_SUSI_ACT_DEL, current_ha_state=0, new_ha_state=0) at siass.cc:783
5  0x00000000004be59b in avd_susi_del_send (susi=0x78c670) at siass.cc:714
6  0x00000000004af12e in avd_sg_nway_node_fail_stable (cb=0x751b80, 
su=0x800470, susi=0x0) at sg_nway_fsm.cc:3022
7  0x00000000004b025d in avd_sg_nway_node_fail_sg_realign (cb=0x751b80, 
su=0x800470) at sg_nway_fsm.cc:3493
8  0x00000000004a8042 in SG_NWAY::node_fail (this=0x797c50, cb=0x751b80, 
su=0x800470) at sg_nway_fsm.cc:497
9  0x00000000004b209e in sg_su_failover_func (su=0x800470) at sgproc.cc:525
10 0x00000000004b2d16 in avd_su_oper_state_evh (cb=0x751b80, 
evt=0x7f66f4002940) at sgproc.cc:838
11 0x0000000000450ba9 in process_event (cb_now=0x751b80, evt=0x7f66f4002940) at 
12 0x00000000004508cd in main_loop () at main.cc:689
13 0x0000000000450e43 in main (argc=2, argv=0x7fff0f81ab18) at main.cc:841


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