- **Milestone**: 5.1.RC2 --> 5.1.1


** [tickets:#1837] TIPC: loading model gives: "osafimmpbed: ER Failed in 
saImmOmSearchNext_2:5 - exiting" and "osafimmpbed: ER immpbe.cc 
dumpObjectsToPbe failed - exiting (line:265)**

**Status:** unassigned
**Milestone:** 5.1.1
**Created:** Wed May 18, 2016 05:41 AM UTC by beatriz brandao
**Last Updated:** Tue Sep 13, 2016 10:12 AM UTC
**Owner:** nobody

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Note: this testcase are run with TIPC enabled.

Testcase starts @:
2016-04-19 03:44:28 INFO - TestCase:setUp Start | 
test_chg_ct_def_disable_restart (osaftest.tests.amf.functest.

Testcase ends @:
2016-04-19 03:45:16 DEBUG: Powered off cluster

First analysis done by Zoran:
>From syslogs, I cannot see what was the problem for causing ERR_TIMEOUT in 

According to MDS logs, it seems that this might be an MDS problem.

>From MDS logs:
Apr 19  3:44:36.237379 osaflogd[446] NOTIFY  |MDTM: svc up event for svc_id = 
LGA(21), subscri. by svc_id = LGS(20) 
pwe_id=1 Adest = <rem_node[2]:dest_tipc_id_ref[125861371]>
Apr 19  3:44:36.238518 osafntfd[461] NOTIFY  |MDTM: svc up event for svc_id = 
NTFA(29), subscri. by svc_id = NTFS(28) 
pwe_id=1 Adest = <rem_node[2]:dest_tipc_id_ref[627036966]>
Apr 19  3:44:36.239261 osafclmd[477] NOTIFY  |MDTM: svc up event for svc_id = 
CLMA(35), subscri. by svc_id = CLMS(34) 
pwe_id=1 Adest = <rem_node[2]:dest_tipc_id_ref[125861371]>
Apr 19  3:44:38.788267 osaflogd[446] NOTIFY  |MDTM: svc up event for svc_id = 
LGA(21), subscri. by svc_id = LGS(20) 
pwe_id=1 Adest = <rem_node[2]:dest_tipc_id_ref[627036966]>
Apr 19  3:44:44.911298 osafimmpbed[453] ERR  |MDS_SND_RCV: Timeout or Error 
Apr 19  3:44:44.912049 osafimmpbed[453] ERR  |MDS_SND_RCV: Timeout occured on 
sndrsp message
Apr 19  3:44:44.912128 osafimmpbed[453] ERR  |MDS_SND_RCV: 
Apr 19  3:44:44.919827 osafimmnd[432] NOTIFY  |MDTM: svc down event for svc_id 
= IMMA_OM(26), subscri. by svc_id = 
IMMND(25) pwe_id=1 Adest = <nodeid[1]:osafimmnd[432]>
Apr 19  3:44:45.413550 osafimmpbed[679] NOTIFY  |BEGIN MDS LOGGING| 
PID=<osafimmpbed[679]> | ARCHW=a|64bit=1

the was no any MDS message between 3:44:38.788267 and 3:44:44.911298.

At 3:44:44.911298, MDS send/receive PBE request was timed out.


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