- **Milestone**: 5.0.1 --> 5.0.2


** [tickets:#1969] smf: One step upgrade with cluster reboot does not wait for 
nodes to start**

**Status:** unassigned
**Milestone:** 5.0.2
**Created:** Wed Aug 24, 2016 01:01 PM UTC by elunlen
**Last Updated:** Thu Sep 15, 2016 10:36 AM UTC
**Owner:** nobody

When using the one step upgrade feature with a cluster reboot all nodes will 
restart including the SC-nodes. This is done as the last action in the upgrade 
step. After the active SC-node is up again SMF will continue with the procedure 
wrapup. When collecting information in order to prepare the wrapup the node 
destination for all nodes in the campaign is requested. However this 
information can only be collected from nodes that are started and has joined 
the cluster (unlocked).
The problem is that SMF does not seems wait in order to give all nodes a chance 
to join the cluster and if SMF fails to get node destination from any of the 
nodes the campaign will fail as seen in the log below. When reading node 
destination there is a 10 sec “try again” loop waiting for “node up” for each 
node. It is not unlikely that the active SC-node comes up before some of the 
other nodes and that it will take more than 10 sec after that before some of 
the other nodes joins the cluster. If that's the case the campaign will fail


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