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** [tickets:#1962] libplms_hpi.so.0 loading issue - Opensaf with plms services**

**Status:** unassigned
**Milestone:** 5.0.2
**Created:** Fri Aug 19, 2016 08:09 PM UTC by Subrata Nath
**Last Updated:** Tue Sep 06, 2016 05:26 PM UTC
**Owner:** nobody


I have installed opensaf 5.0.0 without the PLMS fine for node HA purpose and 
it's works fine. Now I would like to use opensaf PLMS with the openHPI.  

My configure script is -

./configure CPPFLAGS=-DRUNASROOT OSAF_HARDEN_FLAGS="-fstack-protector-all 
-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2" HPI_LIBS="-L/usr/local/lib -lopenhpimarshal -lopenhpiutils 
-lopenhpi" --enable-hpi --with-openhpi --with-hpi-interface=B03 
--enable-tipc=yes --enable-imm-pbe=yes --enable-ais-plm --enable-ais-smf 
--enable-ais-msg --enable-ais-lck --enable-ais-evt --enable-ais-ckpt 

Issues found dueing opensaf start up is -following error message is seen -

" ER dlopen() to load libplms_hpi.so failed with error 
/usr/lib64/opensaf/libplms_hpi.so.0: undefined symbol: plms_plmc_error_cbk" 

during the .so loading. Is this issue seen before or some configuration issue 
from my end. As per my understadning this is due to make file issue.

Temporarily this issue, i could fix by copying the following three methods 
)with method name changing) from 
opensaf-5.0.0/osaf/services/saf/plmsv/plms/plms_plmc.c to 

void plms_os_information_free(PLMS_PLMC_EE_OS_INFO *os_info)
static SaUint32T plms_os_information_parse(SaInt8T *os_info,
                                        PLMS_PLMC_EE_OS_INFO *evt_os_info)
int32_t plms_plmc_error_callbk(plmc_lib_error *msg)
int32_t plms_plmc_connect_callbk(SaInt8T *ee_id,SaInt8T *msg)
int32_t plms_plmc_udp_callbk(udp_msg *msg)

Could you please check the make file for the  
opensaf-5.0.0/osaf/services/saf/plmsv/plms/hpi_intf/ where dependency is there 
outside of the folder also.



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