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** [tickets:#1961] Issues in Opensaf PLMS services with openHPI**

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**Milestone:** 5.0.2
**Created:** Fri Aug 19, 2016 07:59 PM UTC by Subrata Nath
**Last Updated:** Thu Sep 01, 2016 06:54 PM UTC
**Owner:** nobody


I have installed opensaf 5.0.0 without the PLMS fine for contoller node HA 
purpose and it's works fine. Now I would like to use opensaf PLMS with the 

My configure script command is  -

./configure CPPFLAGS=-DRUNASROOT OSAF_HARDEN_FLAGS="-fstack-protector-all 
-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2" HPI_LIBS="-L/usr/local/lib -lopenhpimarshal -lopenhpiutils 
-lopenhpi" --enable-hpi --with-openhpi --with-hpi-interface=B03 
--enable-tipc=yes --enable-imm-pbe=yes --enable-ais-plm --enable-ais-smf 
--enable-ais-msg --enable-ais-lck --enable-ais-evt --enable-ais-ckpt 

Following issue is observed. have made a work around code fix but i would like 
to check if these issues were found already and fix is planned in next releases 

 opensaf-5.0.0/osaf/services/saf/plmsv/plms/plms_main.c the global declaration 

*static PLMSCB  _plms_cb;
PLMSCB *plms_cb = &_plms_cb;

is being masked out by the line 558 in 
/opensaf-5.0.0/osaf/libs/common/plmsv/include/plms.h which declares the same 
var. So with this, /osaf/services/saf/plmsv/plms/hpi_intf/hpi_hsm getting NULL 
value for the plms_cb pointer.

Similar issue is applicable for the following global variable as well 

They are defined in plms.h without extern and hence 
/osaf/services/saf/plmsv/plms/hpi_intf/hpi_hsm.c or plms_hrb.c, is not able to 
find the same values as assigined by plms_main.c

WA fix i made is as described below. But please let me know if it's known issue 
or not and if there is any correction in upcoming releases.

1.      Declare with extern in 
2.      Make the two separate global copies with the same name – one in 
osaf/services/saf/plmsv/plms/plms_main.c (PLMS_CB *plms_cb; ) and another one 
 *plms_cb;). So all the files in osaf/services/saf/plmsv/plms/ will see the 
global copy from osaf/services/saf/plmsv/plms/plms_main.c and all the files 
under 5.0.0/osaf/services/saf/plmsv/plms/hpi_intf/ will see the global copy in 
3.      Now osaf/services/saf/plmsv/plms/plms_main.c allocates the memory for 
it’s own copy of the global variable and during the first function call to 
5.0.0/osaf/services/saf/plmsv/plms/hpi_intf/plms_hsm.c, pass the point as 
pointer argument.  This function parameter now assigned to the 
5.0.0/osaf/services/saf/plmsv/plms/hpi_intf/plms_hsm.c – global variable. 

                SaUint32T plms_hsm_initialize(PLMS_HPI_CONFIG *hpi_cfg,PLMS_CB 
**plms_cb1) -----------newly added parameters
                         plms_cb = *plms_cb1;

4.      Now both the global variables are pointing to the same memory location.

Similar correction is made for HSM_HA_STATE hsm_ha_state and HRB_HA_STATE 
hrb_ha_state as well.



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