- **Milestone**: 5.0.1 --> 5.0.2


** [tickets:#1869] AMF: SG in unstable for SI lock operation, after HEADLESS **

**Status:** unassigned
**Milestone:** 5.0.2
**Created:** Thu Jun 09, 2016 07:24 AM UTC by Srikanth R
**Last Updated:** Thu Jun 09, 2016 08:01 AM UTC
**Owner:** nobody

Opensaf version : 5.0. GA.
Setup : 5 nodes with 3 controllers. PL-5, PL-4  hosted active, standby 
assignments for application 2n SU. where as SC-3 hosted spare SU.

Steps performed:

-> Brought down all the controllers and headless scenario is created.
->Now stopped opensafd on PL-5, where SU2 is hosting active assignment 
-> SU1 on PL-4 did not get active assignment. It remained in standby assignment.
-> After the controllers joined back the cluster, following is the error 
message printed on the PL-4. 

Aug 26 17:21:34 SCALE_SLOT-94 osafamfnd[19347]: CR SU-SI record addition 
failed, SU= safSu=SU1,safSg=AmfDemo,safApp=AmfDemo : 

SCALE_SLOT-94:~ # immlist safSi=AmfDemo,safApp=AmfDemo
Name                                               Type         Value(s)
saAmfSIPrefStandbyAssignments                      SA_UINT32_T  1 (0x1)
saAmfSIPrefActiveAssignments                       SA_UINT32_T  1 (0x1)
saAmfSINumCurrStandbyAssignments                   SA_UINT32_T  2 (0x2)
saAmfSINumCurrActiveAssignments                    SA_UINT32_T  0 (0x0)
saAmfSIAssignmentState                             SA_UINT32_T  3 (0x3)

-> Lock operation on SI resulted in SG unstable operation. 

        46 04:30:46 07/23/2016 NO safApp=safAmfService "Cluster startup 
timeout, assigning SIs to SUs"
        47 04:30:46 07/23/2016 NO safApp=safAmfService 
"safSi=AmfDemo,safApp=AmfDemo assigned to 
safSu=SU1,safSg=AmfDemo,safApp=AmfDemo HA State 'STANDBY'"
        48 04:30:46 07/23/2016 NO safApp=safAmfService "Autorepair not done for 
        49 04:30:46 07/23/2016 NO safApp=safAmfService "Autorepair not done for 
        50 07:49:21 07/23/2016 NO safApp=safAmfService "Admin op "LOCK" 
initiated for 'safSi=AmfDemo,safApp=AmfDemo', invocation: 219043332097"
        51 07:49:21 07/23/2016 NO safApp=safAmfService "Admin op invocation: 
219043332097, err: 'SI lock of 'safSi=AmfDemo,safApp=AmfDemo' failed, SG not 
        52 07:49:21 07/23/2016 NO safApp=safAmfService "Admin op done for 
invocation: 219043332097, result 6"
        53 07:49:22 07/23/2016 NO safApp=safAmfService "Admin op "LOCK" 
initiated for 'safSi=AmfDemo,safApp=AmfDemo', invocation: 2190


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