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** [tickets:#1809] msg: APIs returning SA_AIS_OK even when cluster node has 
left cluster membership**

**Status:** unassigned
**Milestone:** 5.0.2
**Created:** Thu May 05, 2016 09:52 AM UTC by Chani Srivastava
**Last Updated:** Thu May 05, 2016 09:54 AM UTC
**Owner:** nobody

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Changeset- 7436
Version - opensaf 5.0
The issue is observed with last two releases also.

Issue: When a node is locked by clm service, saMsgQueueOpen() return SA_AIS_OK 
when it is should have returned SA_AIS_ERR_UNAVAILABLE according to the spec as 
mentioned blow:

If the cluster node has left the cluster membership or is being administratively
evicted from the cluster membership, the Message Service behaves as follows
towards processes residing on that node and using or attempting to use the 
⇒ Calls to saMsgInitialize() will fail with SA_AIS_ERR_UNAVAILABLE.
⇒ All Message Service APIs that are invoked by the process and that operate on
handles already acquired by the process will fail with
SA_AIS_ERR_UNAVAILABLE with the following exceptions, assuming that the
handle msgHandle has already been acquired:

Step to Reproduce:
1. Compile and build the attached test code.
2. After Initialization, test sleep for 10 sec
3. During this sleep, lock the CLM node from another node in cluster
4. saMsgQueueOpen returns successfully.

Expected: saMsgQueueOpen should fail with rc = 31 


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