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** [tickets:#1920] amf: issues related faults during shutdown operation in NpM 

**Status:** unassigned
**Milestone:** 5.0.2
**Created:** Tue Jul 19, 2016 10:38 AM UTC by Praveen
**Last Updated:** Tue Jul 19, 2016 10:38 AM UTC
**Owner:** nobody

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Observed two issues related to shutdown opreation on SU1. Issues will be valid 
for shutdown on Node also.

Steps to reproduce:
1)Bring attached configuration(s) up.
2)Issue shutdown operation on active SU and make sure one comp faults with 
comp-failover recovery while processing quiescing callback.
3)observed two issues:
    -In one issue: AMFD switchovers faulted SU when comps in faulted SU are 
still processing quiesced assignment.
    -In second issue: AMFND is gets stuck in Terminating state and sg remained 
in unstable state.
 AMFD events in issue1:
1)Shutdown of SU1, AMFD sends quiescing state:
Jul 19 12:41:05.444481 osafamfd [8965:sgproc.cc:2231] >> avd_sg_su_si_mod_snd: 
'safSu=SU1,safSg=AmfDemo,safApp=AmfDemo1', state 4
2)Comp faults with comp-failover recovery while handling quiescing state. After 
cleanup AMFD get
recovery request:
Jul 19 12:41:25.636739 osafamfd [8965:sgproc.cc:0655] >> avd_su_oper_state_evh: 
id:229, node:2010f, 'safSu=SU1,safSg=AmfDemo,safApp=AmfDemo1' state:2
AMFD sends quiesced state for remaining comp and failed comp:
Jul 19 12:41:25.640935 osafamfd [8965:sg_npm_fsm.cc:1417] >> su_fault: 2
Jul 19 12:41:25.640947 osafamfd [8965:sgproc.cc:2231] >> avd_sg_su_si_mod_snd: 
'safSu=SU1,safSg=AmfDemo,safApp=AmfDemo1', state 3

3)AMFD gets quiescing state response:
Jul 19 12:41:25.655939 osafamfd [8965:sgproc.cc:1051] >> avd_su_si_assign_evh: 
id:230, node:2010f, act:5, 'safSu=SU1,safSg=AmfDemo,safApp=AmfDemo1', '', ha:3, 
err:1, single:0
It sends Active HA state to SU3:
Jul 19 12:41:25.656835 osafamfd [8965:sgproc.cc:2231] >> avd_sg_su_si_mod_snd: 
'safSu=SU3,safSg=AmfDemo,safApp=AmfDemo1', state 1
and sends delete to SU1:
Jul 19 12:41:25.660426 osafamfd [8965:sgproc.cc:2340] >> avd_sg_su_si_del_snd: 

4)AMFD gets quiesced response for SU1:
Jul 19 12:41:25.675860 osafamfd [8965:sgproc.cc:1051] >> avd_su_si_assign_evh: 
id:232, node:2010f, act:5, 'safSu=SU1,safSg=AmfDemo,safApp=AmfDemo1', '', ha:3, 
err:1, single:0
It sends delete again to SU1:
Jul 19 12:41:25.676132 osafamfd [8965:sgproc.cc:2340] >> avd_sg_su_si_del_snd: 
5)Delete response of SU1:
Jul 19 12:41:25.679196 osafamfd [8965:sgproc.cc:1051] >> avd_su_si_assign_evh: 
id:233, node:2010f, act:4, 'safSu=SU1,safSg=AmfDemo,safApp=AmfDemo1', '', ha:3, 
err:1, single:0

6)Active response for SU3:
Jul 19 12:41:25.686997 osafamfd [8965:sgproc.cc:1051] >> avd_su_si_assign_evh: 
id:139, node:2020f, act:5, 'safSu=SU3,safSg=AmfDemo,safApp=AmfDemo1', '', ha:1, 
err:1, single:0
Problems in this case are:
-AMFD sends active to SU3 while SU1 is still getting quiesced.
-AMFD sends 2 times deletion of assignment to SU1

Attached are AMFD and AMFND traces for both issues.


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