- **Milestone**: 4.7.2 --> 5.0.2


** [tickets:#1895] ntf: ER in syslog: ER NtfAdmin::subscriptionRemoved client 
12 not found**

**Status:** accepted
**Milestone:** 5.0.2
**Created:** Fri Jun 24, 2016 03:24 AM UTC by Vo Minh Hoang
**Last Updated:** Thu Sep 15, 2016 04:15 AM UTC
**Owner:** Canh Truong

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Failed when run test suit 2: 

Sep 15 11:13:41.191010 osafntfd [476:mds_dt_trans.c:0608] >> 
Sep 15 11:13:41.191034 osafntfd [476:mbcsv_mds.c:0244] << mbcsv_mds_send_msg: 
Sep 15 11:13:41.191038 osafntfd [476:mbcsv_util.c:0492] << 
Sep 15 11:13:41.191041 osafntfd [476:mbcsv_api.c:0868] << 
mbcsv_process_snd_ckpt_request: retval: 1
Sep 15 11:13:41.191044 osafntfd [476:ntfs_mbcsv.c:1365] << 
Sep 15 11:13:41.191047 osafntfd [476:ntfs_com.c:0093] << client_removed_res_lib 
Sep 15 11:13:41.191049 osafntfd [476:ntfs_evt.c:0304] << proc_finalize_msg 
Sep 15 11:13:41.191055 osafntfd [476:ntfs_evt.c:0357] >> proc_unsubscribe_msg: 
client_id 8, subscriptionId 111
Sep 15 11:13:41.191140 osafntfd [476:NtfAdmin.cc:0520] ER 
NtfAdmin::subscriptionRemoved client 8 not found
Sep 15 11:13:41.191146 osafntfd [476:ntfs_evt.c:0369] << proc_unsubscribe_msg 

The issue here is when test case 4 of test suit2 is executed, the unsubcribe 
and Finalize is runing in parallel. Ntfd receive API request from Finalize 
before unsubcribe, so client and all of relating to its will be removed before 
ntfd process request from ubsubcribe. 
The error is printed out in this case. And unsubcribe action is failed. But in 
the test case the return code is re-assigned to ok for test case passed.

The step in test case to call API in ntf may be wrong.

Similiar ticket: https://sourceforge.net/p/opensaf/tickets/1818/


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