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Hi Minh,

My intention while accepting the ticket is to give a try on updating the PR doc 
(perhaps the OpenSAF extensions PR) describing the scenario when the 
controllers go down and to describe the configuration attributes that control 
the behaviour of OpenSAF. We could also provide pointers to the individual 
service READMEs for impacts to the SAF APIs OR import the content from the 
individual APIs into the PR(duplication is one problem yes).

Apart from that, the other expectation in this ticket is to bring consistency 
to the README and the 'terminology' itelf also needs to be addressed.
Yes, HYDRA is not an OpenSAF terminology we need to remove references to that. 
Iam not a fan of the terminology "HEADLESS". I don't have strong opinion 
against "SC absence" either, so yes we could use "SC absence" as a suffix for 
the READMEs to bring in consistency.


** [tickets:#1890] Doc : Headless feature documentation **

**Status:** accepted
**Milestone:** 5.1.0
**Created:** Tue Jun 21, 2016 11:02 AM UTC by Srikanth R
**Last Updated:** Wed Sep 21, 2016 12:22 AM UTC
**Owner:** Mathi Naickan

Version : Opensaf 5.0. GA

 1) Documentation about headless feature should be updated in 
Opensaf_Overview_PR.odt / Opensaf_Extentsions. The documentation should list 
out services which provide functionality, when the cluster goes headless.
 2) The  README.HYDRA file in the ntfsv folder should be renamed to 
README.HEADLESS for uniformity in naming the files across all the folders.
 3) CLM folder doesn't have README for the headless feature.
 4) The headless files across all folders should have same naming convention.



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