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default (5.2) [staging:182d6b]
changeset:   8208:182d6b40b476
user:        Hung Nguyen <hung.d.ngu...@dektech.com.au>
date:        Tue Oct 11 17:22:08 2016 +0700
summary:     imm: Return error string when object is being created in another 
CCB [#2111]


** [tickets:#2111] imm: CcbObjectCreate() informs clients about the object 
being in another CCB**

**Status:** fixed
**Milestone:** 5.2.FC
**Created:** Tue Oct 11, 2016 09:53 AM UTC by Hung Nguyen
**Last Updated:** Wed Oct 12, 2016 03:17 AM UTC
**Owner:** Hung Nguyen

Unlike CcbObjectDelete() or CcbObjectModify() which have ERR_BUSY return code 
to inform the client that the targeted object being in another CCB, 
CcbObjectCreate() currently returns ERR_EXIST for that case.
This is due to the SAF Application Interface Specification.
The clients can't distinguish if the object has been successfully created or 
just being in another CCB.

We can use CCB error string to inform client about the object being in another 


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