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** [tickets:#2113] imm: IMMND sending ADMOP_RSP message to itself**

**Status:** accepted
**Milestone:** 5.0.2
**Created:** Wed Oct 12, 2016 04:19 AM UTC by Hung Nguyen
**Last Updated:** Wed Oct 12, 2016 04:21 AM UTC
**Owner:** Hung Nguyen

- [logs.7z](https://sourceforge.net/p/opensaf/tickets/2113/attachment/logs.7z) 
(146.3 kB; application/octet-stream)

OM client and OI are in the same node.
The OM client invokes an adm operation and crash before the OI sending response 
to IMM.

10:56:48.422146 osafimmnd [1075:immsv_evt.c:5422] T8 Received: 
10:56:48.422196 osafimmnd [1075:ImmModel.cc:12721] T5 IMPLEMENTER FOR ADMIN 
OPERATION INVOKE 5 conn:378 node:2010f name:xhunngu
10:56:48.422202 osafimmnd [1075:ImmModel.cc:12729] T5 Updating req invocation 
inv:12884901889 conn:379 timeout:61
10:56:48.422208 osafimmnd [1075:ImmModel.cc:12736] TR Located pre request 
continuation 12884901889 adjusting timeout to 61
10:56:48.422214 osafimmnd [1075:ImmModel.cc:12764] T5 Storing impl invocation 
378 for inv: 12884901889


10:56:49.426901 osafimmnd [1075:immnd_evt.c:10350] T2 IMMA DOWN EVENT
10:56:49.426974 osafimmnd [1075:ImmModel.cc:13718] >> discardContinuations 
10:56:49.426997 osafimmnd [1075:ImmModel.cc:13726] T5 Discarding Adm Req 
continuation 12884901889
10:56:49.427039 osafimmnd [1075:ImmModel.cc:13767] << discardContinuations 


When receiving the response from OI, IMMND finds the continuation in AdmImpl 
map but doesn't find it in AdmReq map. That makes IMMND think it's in a 
different node from the OM client and try to send ND2ND_ADMOP_RSP message to 

10:56:51.423769 osafimmnd [1075:immsv_evt.c:5422] T8 Received: 
IMMND_EVT_A2ND_ADMOP_RSP (21) from 2010f
10:56:51.423813 osafimmnd [1075:ImmModel.cc:12897] T5 Fetch implCon for 
10:56:51.423822 osafimmnd [1075:ImmModel.cc:12907] T5 IMPL ADM CONTINUATION 378 
FOUND FOR 12884901889
10:56:51.423832 osafimmnd [1075:immnd_evt.c:4912] T2 invocation:12884901889, 
 impl:378 req:0 dest:564118102108831 me:564118102108831
10:56:51.423839 osafimmnd [1075:immnd_evt.c:5016] T2 FORWARDING TO OTHER ND!
10:56:51.423845 osafimmnd [1075:immsv_evt.c:5408] T8 Sending:  
10:56:51.424702 osafimmnd [1075:immnd_mds.c:0740] WA MDS Send Failed to 
service:IMMND rc:2
10:56:51.425065 osafimmnd [1075:immnd_evt.c:5021] ER Problem in sending to peer 
IMMND over MDS. Discarding admin op reply.
10:56:51.425550 osafimmnd [1075:immnd_evt.c:0699] WA Error code 2 returned for 
message type 21 - ignoring

Attached is traces and syslog


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