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** [tickets:#2087] SMF: smfnd asserted on active controller with long dn when 
executing the campaign.**

**Status:** assigned
**Milestone:** 5.0.1
**Created:** Fri Sep 30, 2016 11:47 AM UTC by Madhurika Koppula
**Last Updated:** Wed Oct 12, 2016 06:03 AM UTC
**Owner:** Neelakanta Reddy

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**Environment Details:**

OS : Suse 64bit
Setup : 4 nodes ( 2 controllers and 2 payloads with headless feature disabled & 
PBE disabled ).

**Summary**:  smfnd asserted on active controller with long dn when executing 
the campaign.

**Steps followed & Observed behaviour:**

1) Initially brought up four nodes and all the nodes joined the cluster (PBE is 
2) Enabled long dn as follows.
immcfg -a longDnsAllowed=1 opensafImm=opensafImm,safApp=safImmService
3) Successfully created the campaign object with long dn 
immcfg -c SaSmfCampaign 
 -a SmfCmpgFileUri=/hostfs/campaign85.xml 
4) Executed the campaign.


smfnd asserted on active controller. Campaign execution failed.

Below is the timestamp of Active controller (SC-1):

Oct  9 22:07:06 SCALE_SLOT-21 osafsmfd[2816]: NO CAMP: Calling configured 
smfBundleCheckCmd for each bundle existing in IMM, to be installed or removed 
by the campaign

**Oct  9 22:07:06 SCALE_SLOT-21 osafsmfnd[2810]: osaf_extended_name.c:144: 
osaf_extended_name_length: Assertion 'osaf_extended_names_enabled && length >= 

Oct  9 22:07:06 SCALE_SLOT-21 osafamfnd[2794]: NO 
'safSu=SC-1,safSg=NoRed,safApp=OpenSAF' component restart probation timer 
started (timeout: 60000000000 ns)
Oct  9 22:07:06 SCALE_SLOT-21 osafamfnd[2794]: NO Restarting a component of 
'safSu=SC-1,safSg=NoRed,safApp=OpenSAF' (comp restart count: 1)
Oct  9 22:07:06 SCALE_SLOT-21 osafamfnd[2794]: NO 
'safComp=SMFND,safSu=SC-1,safSg=NoRed,safApp=OpenSAF' faulted due to 'avaDown' 
: Recovery is 'componentRestart'
Oct  9 22:07:06 SCALE_SLOT-21 osafsmfnd[3072]: Started

1)Syslog, smf, imm traces of active controller.


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