Hi Minh,
Function avd_susi_recreate()  will be called after reading configuration from 
IMM. In this function, the second for loop over SUSI_list should overwrite the 
node name even if it has been set wrong while creating SU during 
config_get_su() from IMM. 
Also in the same function there are two for loops one for SU and other for 
SUSI. In the loop for SU we are not updating su->saAmfSUHostedByNode = 
node->name. Since a SU can be instantiated and unassigned on a node, first loop 
should also update the node name.
By any chance, SU were not assigned when system become headless. In that case 
su->saAmfSUHostedByNode will not be updated. I think even a single unassigned 
SU can also create a problem



** [tickets:#2112] amfd: multiple SUs incorrectly assigned to single node**

**Status:** assigned
**Milestone:** 5.1.1
**Created:** Tue Oct 11, 2016 11:56 PM UTC by Gary Lee
**Last Updated:** Thu Oct 13, 2016 11:57 PM UTC
**Owner:** Minh Hon Chau

Multiple SUs are assigned to a single node after SC absence.

To reproduce:

0) load nwayactive demo
1) stop SCs
2) restart SCs

The following is observed:

root@SC-1:~# immlist safSu=SU4,safSg=AmfDemo,safApp=AmfDemo2
saAmfSUHostedByNode                                SA_NAME_T    
safAmfNode=PL-4,safAmfCluster=myAmfCluster (42) 

root@SC-1:~# immlist safSu=SU2,safSg=AmfDemo,safApp=AmfDemo2
saAmfSUHostedByNode                                SA_NAME_T    
safAmfNode=PL-4,safAmfCluster=myAmfCluster (42) 

SU2 is indeed assigned to PL-4, but SU4 was assigned to one of the SCs and is 
not assigned to PL-4.

Operations on SU4 will lead to a crash of amfnd on PL-4.


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