Hi Praveen,

After headless, config_get_su() has already did a wrong mapping, and 
su_add_to_model() also updated this wrong mapping to IMM.
After calling config_get_su after headless, the only right mapping only exists 
in the sync information where amfd retrieves from avd_susi_recreate(). But this 
is also where the problem came, that causes one node is mapped to two different 
SU(s) (as in earlier example). The fact that we can not completely rely on 
avd_susi_recreate() to update the mapping since some of nodes could be still 

Attached file is a patch of approach (2), it removes the mapping update in 
avd_susi_recreate(), it can avoid duplicated mapping which causes coredump. But 
the su/node mapping has already been different to what it was before headless. 

May this shuffle of su/node mapping after headless that causes any other 



 (2.4 kB; text/x-patch)


** [tickets:#2112] amfd: multiple SUs incorrectly assigned to single node**

**Status:** assigned
**Milestone:** 5.1.1
**Created:** Tue Oct 11, 2016 11:56 PM UTC by Gary Lee
**Last Updated:** Fri Oct 14, 2016 07:18 AM UTC
**Owner:** Minh Hon Chau

Multiple SUs are assigned to a single node after SC absence.

To reproduce:

0) load nwayactive demo
1) stop SCs
2) restart SCs

The following is observed:

root@SC-1:~# immlist safSu=SU4,safSg=AmfDemo,safApp=AmfDemo2
saAmfSUHostedByNode                                SA_NAME_T    
safAmfNode=PL-4,safAmfCluster=myAmfCluster (42) 

root@SC-1:~# immlist safSu=SU2,safSg=AmfDemo,safApp=AmfDemo2
saAmfSUHostedByNode                                SA_NAME_T    
safAmfNode=PL-4,safAmfCluster=myAmfCluster (42) 

SU2 is indeed assigned to PL-4, but SU4 was assigned to one of the SCs and is 
not assigned to PL-4.

Operations on SU4 will lead to a crash of amfnd on PL-4.


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