- **status**: review --> fixed
- **Comment**:

changeset:   8389:0d9a54f19077
tag:         tip
user:        Nagendra Kumar<nagendr...@oracle.com>
date:        Thu Dec 01 12:13:31 2016 +0530
summary:     amfd: add support of saAmfSUAssignedSIs  [#905]


Documentation changes:
changeset:   205:971aea4a3e3a
tag:         tip
user:        Nagendra Kumar<nagendr...@oracle.com>
date:        Thu Dec 01 14:10:49 2016 +0530
summary:     remove saAmfSUAssignedSIs from unsupported attr [#905]



** [tickets:#905] Run-time attribute 'saAmfSUAssignedSIs' is not updated**

**Status:** fixed
**Milestone:** 5.2.FC
**Created:** Mon May 12, 2014 04:47 PM UTC by Neha Pawar
**Last Updated:** Thu Nov 03, 2016 10:17 AM UTC
**Owner:** Nagendra Kumar


The run-time attribute of SU 'saAmfSUAssignedSIs' that indicates the list of 
currently assigned SIs is not updated even after requesting for it through 
'immlist -a saAmfSUAssignedSIs safSu=SC-1,safSg=NoRed,safApp=OpenSAF' 

Following is the list of SU attributes. It states that 
saAmfSUNumCurrActiveSIs=1. Hence the 'saAmfSUAssignedSIs' must be updated with 
the SI's name.  

magic@flap-vnode6:/etc/init.d$ immlist safSu=SC-1,safSg=NoRed,safApp=OpenSAF
Name                                               Type         Value(s)
safSu                                              SA_STRING_T  safSu=SC-1 
saAmfSUType                                        SA_NAME_T    
safVersion=4.0.0,safSuType=OpenSafSuTypeND (42) 
saAmfSURestartCount                                SA_UINT32_T  0 (0x0)
saAmfSUReadinessState                              SA_UINT32_T  2 (0x2)
saAmfSURank                                        SA_UINT32_T  0 (0x0)
saAmfSUPresenceState                               SA_UINT32_T  3 (0x3)
saAmfSUPreInstantiable                             SA_UINT32_T  1 (0x1)
saAmfSUOperState                                   SA_UINT32_T  1 (0x1)
saAmfSUNumCurrStandbySIs                           SA_UINT32_T  0 (0x0)
saAmfSUNumCurrActiveSIs                            SA_UINT32_T  1 (0x1)
saAmfSUMaintenanceCampaign                         SA_NAME_T    <Empty>
saAmfSUHostedByNode                                SA_NAME_T    
safAmfNode=SC-1,safAmfCluster=myAmfCluster (42) 
saAmfSUHostNodeOrNodeGroup                         SA_NAME_T    
safAmfNode=SC-1,safAmfCluster=myAmfCluster (42) 
saAmfSUFailover                                    SA_UINT32_T  1 (0x1)
saAmfSUAssignedSIs                                 SA_NAME_T    <Empty>
saAmfSUAdminState                                  SA_UINT32_T  1 (0x1)
SaImmAttrImplementerName                           SA_STRING_T  safAmfService 
SaImmAttrClassName                                 SA_STRING_T  SaAmfSU 
SaImmAttrAdminOwnerName                            SA_STRING_T  IMMLOADER 


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