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commit 7a2c7021b2f08136e325a159851e113e63d3e0fe (HEAD -> develop, 
origin/develop, ticket-2489)
Author: Anders Widell <a...@..com>
Date:   Fri Aug 4 13:56:06 2017 +0200

    clm: Include boot time and node address in join request message [#2489]
    The node join request message now has two new fields: boot time and node
    address. This allows us to provide more accurate and correct information in 
    CLM node runtime attributes in the information model:
    * The boot time field transmits the node's actual boot time to the CLM 
      Previously, the node join time was used as an approximation of the node 
      time, but this might be inaccurate or incorrect. For example, if OpenSAF 
      started much later than the node was booted (e.g. if OpenSAF was restarted
      without a node reboot), then the node join time will differ significantly 
      the node boot time.
    * The node address field transmits the node address to be presented to the
      application through the information model. Previously, the IP address 
      was used by OpenSAF internal communication was presented as the one and 
      node address, and there was no way to select some other address in case 
      node has multiple network addresses. The application now has the 
      to select which network address to present in the information model.


** [tickets:#2489] clm: Make it possible to select what address to present in 
the CLM node**

**Status:** fixed
**Milestone:** 5.17.10
**Created:** Thu Jun 08, 2017 11:11 AM UTC by Anders Widell
**Last Updated:** Mon Jul 31, 2017 01:11 PM UTC
**Owner:** Anders Widell

A simpler solution for the problem described in ticket [#2479] is to let the 
user configure what address CLM shall show in the saClmNodeCurrAddress 
attribute. The following use cases will all be covered by this simpler solution:

* OpenSAF is configured to use IP, but the application is using TIPC and needs 
to know the TIPC address of the node. Or vice versa.
* Both the application and OpenSAF are configured to use IP, but later on we 
wish to re-configure OpenSAF to use TIPC, *without* affecting the application 
or exposing this change in the saClmNodeCurrAddress attribute.
* Both the application and OpenSAF are configured to use IP (and the same 
network), but later on we wish to introduce a separate IP network dedicated to 
OpenSAF internal communication. The application is supposed to continue using 
the same IP network as before, and is *not* allowed to use the new network 
which is dedicated to OpenSAF internal communication only.

As shown in these use cases, the application is really only interested in 
knowing one address for each node. The problem we need to solve is that a node 
can have many addresses and we need to be able to select which one to present 
through the CLM interface.


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